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Microsoft Expands U.S. Military Certification Outreach Program

For the past year Microsoft has offered a pilot program to help transitioning military personnel find full-time civilian employment in IT after they leave the services. Now, purchase the company is stepping up its efforts.

Weighing the Shortcomings of Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is the self-driving car of personal devices. It holds great promise, and most people at least think they'd like to try it out. So why do new devices keep struggling to catch on?

Enter the Brave New World of Virtual Assistants

What is a virtual assistant? And what do they do? What don't they do, really? If you're willing to work from anywhere, for anyone, doing anything at all (that you know how to do), then step up.

The "Bulldog Method" of Certification Preparation

After a long layoff from working with technology, an IT-professional-turned-truck-driver tackled CompTIA's Network+ exam, and passed on her first try. What was her silver bullet?

Is CompTIA's InfoSec Push a Positive for IT?

The leading IT industry association is expanding the breadth of its security certification portfolio. Adding further acronyms and plus-rated nouns, help however, raises a variety of problems.

The Three Hottest Database Certifications Right Now

Everyone wants more data, seek and most companies want employees with specialized knowledge of database technology. These certifications can help you get to the front of the hiring line.

Top Certifications for Mobile App Developers

In many countries around the world, there's a smartphone in just about every pair of jeans that walks past. With the right certification, every one of those phones is a potential landing spot for your app.

Synching Soft Skills to the Timeline of Your IT Career

Many young IT pros tend to see technology as the outer limit of their professional horizons and responsibilities. There's more to a long career in IT, however, than just understanding technology.

Online Proctoring: Better Than a Testing Center or In-House Setup

Convenience and cost savings are just two of the reasons that many firms and organizations with certifications to offer are turning to the internet to administer exams.

Choosing the Right Certification Study Strategy

There are many different ways to prepare for that certification exam that's just around the corner. Finding the right method (or methods) of preparation is important to exam success.

The Next Pokémon GO Could Be Created by You

Have a bright idea for a great game? Nintendo has opened up its developer sandbox to make it easy, click or at least less complicated than before, for people with bright ideas to get in on the action.

U.S. Employment Numbers Suggest Smooth Sailing

After a shockingly bad month of May, cialis U.S. employment statistics for June and July have been reassuringly steady. May still stinks, but revisions to the June numbers are promising.

Cloud 101: Certs to Help You Get Your Feet Wet in the Cloud

Though its origins lie in the fairly recent past, ampoule cloud computing is literally everywhere in 2016. Certification can play a key role in helping you get up to speed on this essential technology.

Points to Ponder When Moving Abroad for Your IT Job

With IT companies and IT infrastructure stretching across the globe, skilled tech professionals don't have to limit their careers to a single city, state, or country.

Beta Offer Signals Windows Server 2016 Is Nigh

Looking for a sign that the official release of Windows Server 2016 is almost here? An upgrade exam for individuals with MCSA: Windows Server 2008 or 2012 R2 certification is now available!

Spy Game: The Emerging Cybersecurity Realm of Threat Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is watching. Data gathered and analyzed by machines is becoming an invaluable asset in the ongoing fight against cybercrime and cybercriminals.